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Jan. 15th, 2007

So yeah...holy crap, i'm actually enquiring about driving lessons. This is actually quite scary for me, the thought of being behind the wheel and actually driving is still one that fills me full of dread. But it really is about time i pulled myself together and done this. I think i still remember how to do most of it, i guess we'll have see how i do if/when i get in a car and try all this out again.
Not much else to update on really, had a weekend of not doing much. Parents shall hopefully be coming up to see me again soon, i now remember why i hate staying over Rhys' on a Sunday night, as it means when i arrive at Cardiff station on the Monday morning, i want to throw up due to the smell coming from the Brains beer Factory opposite my platform, icky icky bleh.

Currently just waiting to hear back from the driving instructor person, as i really don't know if i should go the full 30 hours or whatever with my lessons, or if i'll have to do less.


Well i just spoke to the driving instructor guy, he seems really nice and quite understanding of my nerves. He said i probably won't need 30 odd hours, as i have driven before, i just need to brush up on stuff. They seem the nicest of the ones i have spoken to so far, so i'll probably go with them. Also got an email from mum, saying that they'll pay for the first 2 lessons and see how i get on. If i want to carry on, they'll pay for the next 10, which is very very kind of them to offer. All this is suddenly seeming very real.

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Christmas was good one, was nice and chilled and i enjoyed myself and the company i was in. I had my Parents come up on the 23rd and had a mini christmas then, got a load of clothes off them and a shiney new PS2. So i was happy and i got need for Speed Carbon off Ant as my present, tis great fun to play. Went out for a meal with them later on, and as what seems to now be turning into a habit, my dad and lupine_pup started to wind up my mum over dinner. With maybe a little help from me and my brother. We were ment to go out later with the guys up here, but we didn't feel up to it in the end and we had eaten already. And ended up staying awake and playing need for speed till about 2am.

Christmas eve wasn't spent doing much, we eventually went over to his and spent the rest of christmas there. First half of Christmas day was Rhys being mean and not letting me open all my presents in one go. But the first one i got off him was the best.

Thraskor, marauder of the universe and buttons the mouse :D I haven't thought of a proper name for the elephant yet, but i think Thraskor will do for now. Plus i don't think any name will top the one i came up with for the Giraffe i got Rhys (Fredrick the Bastard is a great name i feel) Other presents included two Tim Burton books, lots of CD's and bits and pieces.

Boxing day was another loafing about day and i left his in the evening, as he had to go to work the next day.

The rest of the week was spent not doing much, just pottering around, spending christmas money and playing computer games. New year was spent round Jack and Georges, was a nice night, was chilled and relaxed and we got to watch the fire works going off around Pontypridd. Was very pretty.

And now it seems we are in a new year, i'm still currently wondering where the last one went. It seemed to slip by me, though there are a few memorable moments of it, some stuff i wish didn't happen, other stuff i'm happy that it did. I guess its just a case of now waiting and seeing what 2007 has in mind for us all.

*hugs* to those who want them.


My parents are up tommrow and its like 3 days till Christmas! *uber happy dance* Not that i am excited or anything..... *cough*

Well i wish everyone a merry christmas and i hope you all have a good one, and get many hugs, cuddles, snuggles and whatever else. And those i won't see, i wish you a happy new year aswell.

I will now be going and bundling myself up, for now i know its truely christmas, because i am full of cold! Was also naughty (but not too naughty really) and went into Lush and spent money. Angel Delight soap smells so good...mmmm

*hugs to all who want them*

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